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Professional Services
These guys want to help, are fair priced and show up. Come on we all know most contractors never show up on time never mind the correct day. Multinet is willing to do more, just ask for carpentry work and you have an excellent carpenter working for you. Once more 5 stars plus 5 more.
Nasser Sayyid
So Happy To Deal With Them.
Great company to work with. Called them out to clean and they arrived quickly. Very friendly and professional. A few additional repairs were needed and once I agreed, they were and complete in about 24 hours. Being able to schedule online was a bonus.
Rami Aziz
Good Management And Professional Team.
I contacted several carpentry agencies before settling on Multinet Services. Simply put, no other agency could match their prices and professionalism.
Amina Asad
Never A Disappointment
I’ve worked with Multinet Maintenance for many years and find their workmanship and professionalism to be of the highest order.
Ahmed Magdy